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Lora Nikolova Bijoux Collection FW18/19

The new Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection by Lora Nikolova gets inspiration from the Memphis design movement to create true “design sculptures” to be worn.


Starting from this creative input, the young designer is experimenting an ‘apparently illogical play of forms’, with unique mixtures of pink, yellow, teal, red and other unusual hues, as well as with combinations of bright nuances.  All patterns draw inspiration from geometric forms such as triangles, circles and squares.


Lora Nikolova pays particular attention and care in each article composition and details design, enhancing the visibility of the different layers through the usage of unique, original materials. She likes to combine glass, wooden and plastic with metals, resins and semiprecious stones. Some of the patterns realised on geometric wooden components are hand painted, while the black colour unifies and it creates a contrast with forms.


In some items within the collection, the net of threads does not characterize the composition, but it becomes the most relevant graphic element; the net is then used as the basis for other components, which are assembled in a sequential order.


The entire collection has been created in a funny, artistic and creative mood, introducing a certain fervour in the look and, subsequently, in the real life of those who wear it.


Earrings are different from model to model, and they confirm to be an original, sophisticated accessory to complete an outfit. The items range also includes new elements such as the bracelets and the brooches inspired by the colourful asymmetric forms of the collection’s colliers and necklaces. 

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