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BOOK for Buyers presents In A Perfect World

In a Perfect World

Based in Singapore, In A Perfect World was founded in early 2018 by 2 friends who share the same love for accessorising. Having both lived in Australia for a couple of years, their brand is loosely inspired by Australian fashion culture.


Every series by I. A. P. W. seeks to encourage individuality, inspiring consumers to embrace self-expression with their classic and timeless pieces. Beyond the aesthetics, all their pieces are mindfully curated and designed with the practicalities of everyday use in mind, at affordable prices. I. A. P. W. aims to redefine everyday wear.


Exclusively made for this Anniversary collection are their Valentina, Aurora and Augustine chains. Each pendant depicts a warrior medallion, which symbolises the strength and power of women today, whereas the Pearl designs in this series embraces femininity and exudes purity and elegance.

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