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Atelier Vm, L’Essenziale

Atelier Vm

A necklace weld on your body to feel it always upon your skin.

Going closer to the heart, the feelings place, few years after the creations of the L’Essenziale (the Essential) bracelet, Atelier Vm created the gold 18Kt necklace version of the jewel with laser closure.
L’Essenziale necklace is an endless gold thread wrapping the entire body as a love ritual  that sealed from the neck and the wrists flows to sensitive zone of the entire body.

Atelier Vm

An ornament so delicate that can be seen only reflecting yourself in the mirror but, as it happens with the awareness of the deepest love, you know it will be always with you.  As the inner light only who is close can see it, but the ones wearing it will feel its presence. Manifest, precious, close, the necklace created by Marta Caffarelli and Viola Naj-Oleari is the poetry and lightness of wearing a tale.
Adaptable symbol of love, it celebrates the ensemble in all of its variations. L’essenziale necklace with its unusual closure is the representation of a seal to feelings.

Atelier Vm

Edited by Ester Palazzo

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