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Catarzi 1910 – the experience of a 100-year company

Catarzi 1910 FW2019-20

Filippo Catarzi’s hat factory, founded in 1910 in Signa (Florence) as a small straw and vegetable fibres weaving workshop, is today one of the most important Italian hat maison specialised in the manufacturing of straw, wool, leather and textile accessories. From that experience, in 2010 the Catarzi 1910 brand has been founded: here craftsmanship has rapidly reached the highest levels by creating Premium hats in a timeless design.


Catarzi 1910 collection for the FW 2019-20 season is characterised by formal, clean drawing lines and handwork. The collection puts particular emphasis on the usage of valuable materials such as Cashmere and Merino wools (strictly of European origins), as well as textiles with geometric jacquards and wool-made patchworks.


The top player is its essential drawing approach: herringbone, Houndstooth (or Pied de Poule), Regimental patterns and geometric designs on wool bases. Sometimes the hat is also destructured and rebuilt with felt swatches stitched together by applying high sartorial techniques.

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