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Filifolli, “Made in Italy” becomes synonymous with imagination

Alber, the Italian company which has been producing stockings defined by exclusive quality since 1962, it’s now blazing trails with Filifolli, a brand that is new in concept, while being based on a consolidated, long-standing quality. Clothing people’s legs has always been Ivan Cocchi’s mission.


Using his great experience and strong spirit of observation, he has created and developed the new brand, Filifolli. After sensing there was a market niche for this sort of product, he sha-ped the Filifolli spirit and designed the entire collection with just a single objective: to respond to and satisfy, even before they arrive on the scene, the trends, tastes, and needs of legs… especially those that do not settle for quality alone, and seek Italian style in every way, shape, and form. 


Filifolli is a collection of products made with the care that only artisanal shops can guarantee is given to the workmanship of every single article. Extremely refined materials and exclusive fiber mixes have produced the ideal stockings for enhancing a woman’s legs for every time and every occasion. The recipe is simple: Italian style, class, quality, and imagination, loads of imagination and creativity, traits inherent in the Italian DNA.


Fall / Winter 2018 – 19 collection colors: There’s no limit to the imagination, and Filifolli confirms it with every step. Starting with Freesia Yellow, which is so warm and enticing it sparks a burst of energy. Dazzling Blue pushes your legs to take daring, seductive steps. Ketchup Red is ready to ignite the legs of every age.

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