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Duecci Guanti gloves, a family story

Duecci Guanti

Gloves aren’t just a simple accessory, they are the symbol of a bygone and classic elegance that’s far away in time. Through her creations, Simona Colonna, who carries on the business started by her family back in the 30s, turns gloves into a contemporary item. Excellence is an easy but essential mantra for Duecci Guanti, which stands for tradition, passion and dedication.

Duecci Guanti

At its core few fundamental pillars, which make Duecci unique and recognizable on the market: the attentive selection of high quality materials, and the extraordinary manufacturing process which comes from the craftsman’s know-how, who creates a product of impeccable wearability, translating the words “fits like a glove” into more than a common saying. Its stylistic originality, creative study and the wide range of models available, made it possible for Duecci to collaborate with big names of the fashion industry and take part in some of the greatest trade shows of the world.

Duecci Guanti

Going beyond its limits with continuous experimentation and innovative materials, Duecci Guanti offers exceptional and modern gloves, created while thinking about the exact moment in which the customer will wear them and give them life.

Edited by Ester Palazzo 

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