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Turn your mind, look at ANIMAdVERTE


The name of the brand ANIMAdVERTE comes from the Latin words ‘animum adverto’, literally meaning “Turn your mind and look“. An in-depth observation of different modern lifestyles combines with a new, ethical way of understanding the made-in-Italy production, with the objective of realizing a unique, eco-sustainable collection of leather products.


Each bag is processed with a meticulous care for details by the skilful hands of artisans, according to the best Italian tradition.


The design is simple and unexpected, with a return to essential forms. Each bag model can be easily converted thanks to its geometric, non-conventional shape. It can be folded inside its flat packaging by becoming less voluminous and getting perfect for travelling.


The use of innovative materials like biodegradable leather is an added value for the new collection by ANIMAdVERTE.


Next to the geometric architectural design of the vegetable-tanned leather bags, the collection includes soft lines with new models in biodegradable leather

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