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Trends: Eco-sustainability by Ecodream


As an ethic trend and, at the same time, a necessary step for the current historical period, eco-sustainability has now been adopted and outlined by the fashion industry in its eco-fashion production – a highly aesthetic valuable offer allowing customers to appreciate not only the design but also the human work and efforts around fashion.


Ecodream is an example of that. This independent brand specialised in the production of eco-friendly bags and accessories has absolutely become part of the new eco-sustainable, ethical fashion industry. 


All products by Ecodream are realised by using different typologies of recycled/recovered materials and they promote a luxury leather manufacturing within the territory of Florence province in order to consolidate the brand’s strong identity.


Ecodream is born in juxtaposition to the logics of Fast Fashion, which has become so popular in the current market trends, where the top players are eco-eccentric, design products with medium to high price ranges. 


By contrast, the next collection by Ecodream includes Minimal models capable of preserving functionality and comfort by the application of essential but attractive lines, at a competitive price.

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