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Themoirè’s SS21 collection celebrates culture, creativity and consciousness


Themoirè was born in Milan in the September of 2019, aiming to break through the heart of the fashion system. Fusing functional elegance, impeccable quality and environmental awareness, the brand proudly celebrates culture, creativity and consciousness.

Deeply influenced by the mythological Moire, the brand attributes its name to the Greek goddesses who entwined the threads of destiny. The threads of Themorè contribute to the preservation of the natural world, through their use of only the finest, ethically sourced fabrications. Exteriors are composed of vegan leather from apple scraps and interiors are lined and tagged with biodegradable hemp.


The SS21 collection builds upon the core collection of Bios, Gea and Hera, introducing Irida and Clio in buttery leather, strow and luxurious croco textures. Each bag carries its own unique meaning and personality – with Bio meaning life, Gea meaning land and Hera named after the Greek goddess of fertility. Each are soft, elegant and classic, characterized by their unique vintage details and versatility. From the product to the packaging, everything used in the manufacturing process is organic, recycled and regenerated. Following the narrative written by the wearer, fabrics are brought back to life. Themoirè also recognizes that this is simply not sufficient to avoid catastrophic environmental changes, and that there’s more to be done in preventing further damage to our precious world.


“Just as the Moires orchestrated the destiny of people, we would like to sew the seams of a more sustainable future”.

The Themoirè Forest is a new initiative that places even more power into the consumer’s hands and injects depth into individual responsibility. For every bag sold, a tree will be planted, and a certificate will be granted to the buyer, detailing the species and geographic coordinates of the tree.

Themoirè recognizes the power of togetherness and community in weaving the golden thread of hope of a brighter future.


Edited by Kaija Love

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