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The World by Le Solim

Le Solim was founded in Italy, in the city of Bologna, in 1933, initially as a company producing suitcases and trunks under the denomination: “Valigeria Bolognese di Auletta A”.


During the years, this business has been handed down from a generation to another, from fathers to sons, but by always respecting the principles of Made in Italy fabrication, which is characterised by high quality craftsmanship and by the originality of Italian leather products.


Le Solim’s products are the results of a sophisticated style, and they are created by using high-quality materials and naturalness – elements that give a fresh, elegant and young image to the entire production.


Le Solim can boast important customers all over the world, some of whom can also count on a zone and product exclusivity.


The brand’s collections are launched both on a scheduled basis, and for prompt delivery; customers can explore them on the company’s Website directly or at the most important industry’s shows or trade fairs in Milan, Paris or Berlin.


Within the company’s organization, creativity is entrusted to a team of designers who can guarantee high-quality products, combined with a certain peculiarity and uniqueness in the details, through a long-established expertise and continuous research.


Le Solim makes use of natural leather only for an elegant, trendy and refined woman.

The production also includes bags and accessories for every moment of life and for each occasion.

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