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While some trends pass and others return, some do both: after being temporarily put aside, they make their comeback, mesmerizing the world all over again. Among the accessories that belong to those trends, velvet bags definitely are the most suitable choice to represent the style of a timeless item. In his collections, Moschino proposes different versions of this bag, offering a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, like this blue velvet shoulder bag from the Woman Pre FW 20 collection, with the letter M quilted all over it, a gold chain shoulder strap and the closure with the fashion house’s logo.

Straight from the FW 20/21 collection, this eccentric jacquard velvet biker bag is characterized by the tapestry effect and gold-plated details. As gaudy colors catch the eye of the observer and blend perfectly with the bag’s shape, which recalls the upper part of a motorcyclist’s jacket, the focus is on details too.

The jacquard velvet with tapestry effect also appears on a fuchsia shoulder bag, where the gold chain recalls the Moschino label “Made in Heaven” applied on the front. Here, the floral and romantic style elevate elegance to its highest level.

Edited by Gloria Sahbani 

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