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Book designer profile: Juarez Camacho

Juarez Camacho

Something invisible but, at the same time, eye-catching. With these words, the team at Juárez Camacho – a high-end leather brand – describes its hand-made manufacturing, a wise art coming from the past, to be respected now and forever.


The brand’s mission is that of adapting the Mexican culture and traditions to the advanced techniques of today.


Eduardo Juárez Camacho started to study fashion design in Mexico when he was young, before moving to Italy where he continued his studies at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Here he learnt about the importance and history of Italian fashion.


After collaborating with several Italian artisans, Eduardo decided to return to Mexico and to learn about the traditional Mexican processing techniques for leather products; afterwards, he took the decision of undertaking a project of his own by founding his same-name brand.


The key words for Camacho production are: Mexico (for the designer’s love for his homeland), Leather and Craftsmanship (the brand’s mission provides for the usage of this noble as a form of respect for such a valuable material), and, finally, History (an in-depth, passionate culture as the starting point to tell about a new, personal story).

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