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A dream set! The ever trendiest treasure

CHANEL: Set of 4 minis bags

Chanel is more than a simple fashion brand. Fashion victims consider it as THE brand par excellence, while for others it remains a dream difficult to be reached.

What makes this brand so unique is the perfection in style with which talented artists create timeless pieces and articles, to be transmitted from a generation to another, as they are perfect for any occasion.

The latest novelty of the French maison is a treasure chest in matelassé leather, available in two colours: the classical black and white by Coco Chanel or the camellia pink, the brand’s emblem.

An ever present element is the double “C” letter, to be applied to hide the lock, which can be opened by a precious gold key decorated with stylized flowers. The content is not just a piece of treasure but four!

In the mini format, it will be possible to find a compartment for each iconic model by the brand, such as the two classical versions of bag 2.55 (with and without the logo), the Boy bag introduced by Karl Lagerfeld in 2011 and the carefree and rebel Gabrielle.

Edited by Sophia Mozzali

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