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AMCardillo Design, between form and function

AMCARDILLO_design is an Italian brand founded in 2012 by architect and designer Anna Maria Cardillo. She loves body ornaments and has an anthropological interest about jewelry and its semantic meaning. Her creations have a strong character through the use of simple shapes and lines, often with a clear reference to basic geometry.


The research and use of different materials from those commonly used in the making of jewelry are the characteristics of her creations, handmade at the expense of quantity, stressing the importance of craftsmanship and uniqueness. The designer prefers materials like leather, different yarns like raffia, often worked in crochet, which are often combined with other materials such as wood, concrete, blow lump glass, cotton, etc. From 2014 she is a member of the AGC – Italian Contemporary Jewellery Association.


Anna Maria was selected in January 2015 for the project “Dialogues AGC-JJDA”, a traveling exhibition on contemporary jewelery in Japan and Italy. She takes part in the competition “Design 20:14” organized by Jewel In and is among the winners with the collar “FRAME”.

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