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Centergross, Blocco 6
Via dei Cardatori
40050 Funo di Argelato (BO)

Tel. (+39) 051 862395
Fax (+39) 051 861926


The BABYLON brand was founded in 1984. It’s made exclusively for female clothing with innovative creations and a sophisticated design that really makes the difference.

The idea is to unify business with style in the Pronto Moda/Made in Italy segment.

A thirty years experienced company in the field of fashion with modern designers continuously able to identify new trends and to create new original outfits: designers that clearly understand all successful characteristics of brand and creatively rework them all over the world, from national market in Italy till new markets in Europe, Asia and East Europe.

The goal of the company is to realize products in constant evolution that will keep trendy and fashionable all over the time; exalting womanhood and the aspirations, desires and beauty of women.


BABYLON includes three product lines based on research, quality and style:

  • Eureka” represents the originality of fashion trends, with items that become unique even through the innovative accessories;
  • Babylon Collection” has new outfits for a woman who loves a unique, clean and elegant style;
  • W Les Femmes” unifies the distinctiveness of its fabrics with a refined style for a high-class woman.

Furthermore, Babylon makes luxury items: fur, leather, accessories, which complete a special look and leaves a striking feminine impression. Be a classy lady with Babylon Style


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